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payment has never

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The reality of life is that mortgage payments are not easy to make. Not everyone is a financial expert, so you are bound to make mistakes. You might take a mortgage and think the payments options that you take are the best. It may later dawn on you that the mortgage payments are more than you bargained for. This is because you did not factor in the interest in the mortgage and the fact that this interest will vary and affect the amount you will pay. Several factors come into play when it comes to refinancing your mortgage These factors are:

  • Interest rate
  • Prime mortgage insurance
  • Tax
  • Principal amount
  • Pay off dates

Features of the mortgage calculator

The calculator has various sections. The first section is for the amount of the mortgage loan borrowed. You will enter the amount here. This may also be the home value of the loan. The second part is the actual value of the mortgage loan while the third is for the interest rate applicable.

Mortgage Calculator

Let us now look at how each of the above factors affects you refinancing of your mortgage.


There is a wrong assumption that once you take up a mortgage, you are only responsible t o pay the principal and the interest. There is usually a formula that incorporates the four components that is, Principal, Interest, Tax and Insurance or PITI.

Principal Amount

Principal amount is a crucial ingredient found in your mortgage refinancing and entails the amount of money. The higher the principal that you borrowed, the more the installment payments and the higher the weekly or monthly amount to be repaid.

Pay Off Dates

Mortgage payments are designed to be repaid at certain dates, failure to which you will be penalized. In particular, the PMI has pay off date which basically refers to the number of installments you have to make to complete your loan.

  • Interest rates

    Different mortgage companies charge varying interest rates on borrowed amount of money. Some are high are others charge less. The interest rates may also change due to various factors such as the demand and supply. You would be inclined to get the lowest possible interest rates so that you don’t pay more during refinancing.

  • Prime mortgage insurance

    Primary mortgage insurance and is a way in which the lender seeks to cushion them in the event the borrower is unable to finance their mortgage such that you are no longer able to pay your mortgage amounts. Thos aspect of the mortgage payment should be borne in mind when doing mortgage payments. If the PMI is high, then this would ultimately affect your ability to refinance your mortgage

For more on how to use mortgage payment calculator, talk to us today by dialing 877-649-4527. Our mortgage experts will be on hand to assist you make your payments, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

The mortgage calculator

This is an online mortgage calculator that helps you compute the amount of money you will be entitled to pay weekly, bi-weeekly or monthly depending on the terms of the mortgage loan.


In the mortgage payment calucltor, you must consider the period of time you expect to finish making the loan repayment. It could be the next 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years and so on.

Starting Off Date

In the mortgage calculator, it is important to enter the date in which the loan took effect. This helps to work out the correct period of time for the loan to be repaid.

Pmi And Tax

Any other cost that may be included such ad PMI and Tax are also included before you start the calculation. Talk to us today for more information on how all these affect you mortgage payments.


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